JerkZeus Radio (formerly The JerkZeus Internet Show) has advanced into something awesome since it’s creation in mid 2013. What started off as a solo comedy podcast riddled with an edgy sense of humor has now developed into a faux radio station playing songs from underground bands while performing bits, and maintaining classic JZIS segments. JerkZeus Radio is hosted and produced by Ryan Zeus Martin out of Youngstown, Ohio. Tagging along with Ryan is his faithful co-host Andrew Shiamone. Together they aim to criticize every dopey YouTuber they come across, and bring you the strangest content you’ll find around the Internet.

E61 He’s Baaaaaaack

Shiamone is back for one episode. Ton’s of content! Thank you to all of the bands we’ve recently added! I want to do a Q&A episode one day, so email me some Q’s. Dope falls for iPad scam / “You Frickin Fricks!!!!” / Teen Mom is now a pop artist? / and actually a lot more content!   Don’t forget… Read more →

E60 Fancy

Another live show, and holy shit was it fun. If you missed out, you missed Ryan trying to rap, and we even played the infamous “Some N***as Smoke Weed” song from our very first episode. The video is atrocious!!! Also, we may be going to war….   Women Tries to drive off of a Tow truck / Asian girl tries… Read more →

E59 Dad Goatee

Shiamone is gone. Let’s kick it. A shorter show because something came up. One sided conversation with Ryan’s girlfriend / Racist song about Blacks and Watermelon / DAD GOATEE / Women Gamers / Women eating over women’s….. Don’t forget to: Follow us on Twitter @JerkZeusRadio Check out the network at Leave Voicemails to be played on the show 330-333-5116… Read more →

E58 JerkZeus Live

We did a LIVE broadcast of Today’s episode, and holy shit was it fun! Tons of content and tons of rum! Stupid Vine from a Brit / Mouth Cancer fanatics / Getting serves by the law / and so much more! Don’t forget to: Follow us on Twitter @JerkZeusRadio Check out the network at Leave Voicemails to be played… Read more →